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Have you signed Kate Browns recall petition yet?

There are 2 petitions out there…. sign BOTH.  Make sure you sign your name exactly as you are registered with voter registration.  If you are unsure how your name is registered…. go to Secretary of State of Oregon – voter registration and search your name.  Takes less than 3 minutes.
If you don’t have a petition , go to Katebrownrecall.org and follow the instructions.

This is important people, we only have 2 months left to get over 230,000 signatures. 

I believe we are over half way there, so we can get this on the November ballot.

**It’s vital that you sign the exact same as your voter registration.  Not sure how you are registered to vote?  Go to:https://sos.oregon.gov/voting/Pages/registration.aspx?lang=en and click on Register to vote Now.   Then check to see how your name appears and sign petitions the same way.
**Note:  according to this State of Oregon form, all you need to be qualified to vote in Oregon is a drivers license or fill out a voter registration form.  THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT TO PROVE YOU ARE A LEGAL CITIZEN OF THE US.  (thank you Kate Brown and the Oregon democrats for deciding to overrule the people of Oregon who voted down this same ruling 3 years ago).