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Up Coming Events and Meetings

Some of the approximately 75 to 80 people against HB 2020 making their feelings known downtown Bend, Oregon on June 25th.  On the other side of the street there were maybe 50 people in support of measure HB 2020.  Sign supporting Tim Knopp, Bend’s state Senator, who like the rest of Oregon’s Republican Senators, walked out of the capital to deny the Democrats a quorum vote, which would be won by the majority democrats on measure HB 2020.  This bill is so badly flawed, that it would cost many Oregonians their jobs and livilihoods.  Most of those negatively impacted live in rural Oregon….. however it was estimated the costs to each Oregonian would be between $750 – $1000 per year, that’s man, woman and child.

August 7-10
Tuesdays – Summer        


November 10th   

Crook County Fair    – Prineville
Farmers Market on Tuesdays – Sprague River – Thru out summer – Manned SOJXX booth & recall Kate Brown petition.

Veterans Day Parade     – Klamath Falls