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About Us

Who are the people promoting the State of Jefferson?  We are your neighbors, your auto mechanic, the farmer and rancher who raise your food, the logger who provides the lumber and paper products you use everyday.  Doctors, nurses, teachers, grocery store clerks, contractors, plumbers, electricians, housewives, small business owners, workers for small business owners, secretaries, receptionists, bookkeepers and everyone who works hard to make a living.

We are anyone who is tired of not having our voice and concerns heard by Salem.  We are tired of being over-taxed.  We are tired of being over-regulated.  We are tired of Salem’s over-spending. We are tired of voting knowing that our vote doesn’t count. We are tired of being told that our concerns aren’t valid. We are tired of being part of a state that deems our values “less than” the values our northern neighbors. We are average people that want what was guaranteed to us by our Constitution; fair and legal representation.