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   Due to the Covid-19 panic, which caused the sales of the Raffle
Tickets to dry up, the 2020 State of Jefferson Conference has been
cancelled.  Not enough tickets were sold to meet the financial needs of
space rental although the Raffle itself was covered. Everyone who paid
the $15.00 to attend the Conference will be contacted and refunded.

For Representation.



For Liberty.



For Freedom.


76% of Oregon legislative representation lies within the NW portion of the state.
Rural counties have little to no voice! 

“A little rebellion now and then is a good thing”  – Thomas Jefferson

Why Support the State of Jefferson

The State of Jefferson is a growing movement to regain representation, by creating a new state from two existing states.  This has been done 4 times in our history.  We want to restore our Constitutional Liberties, reduce growing taxes and regulations and restore a local-based model of government where social services, education and natural resources are handled locally.

Overrun by the Urban Counties

The Willamette Valley counties control all Oregon elections.  The State of Jefferson would embrace Constitutional values, private property rights and restore a true representative form of government.

Time to Start Over

The State of Jefferson would be free of over-regulation, over-taxation and under-representation.  A new state that would exercise its right under the 10th Amendment to halt federal government from over-reaching laws according to the US Constitution.  We need a state with fewer agencies, less taxes, and less bureaucracy, State Sovereignty and more personal freedom.
Please talk to your representative and ask them to support the State of Jefferson.


Article 4, Section 3 of the United States Constitution lays out the specific frame work for what we propose in that no State shall be broken into two states unless the state legislature agrees and the Congress agrees.  A simple majority vote, 51% in both the state legislatures and congress is all it takes to form Jefferson.  Forming a new state is not new.  It’s been done 4 times in our history;  Vermont from New York, Maine from Massachusetts, and Kentucky and West Virginia from Virginia.


Is Jefferson Financially Viable?

In California a financial analysis was done using the actual 2013/2014 budgets from 20 northern counties.  Without sending tax money to Sacramento, the northern counties are viable on their own.  The model showed an $8 million dollar surplus.    Answer = YES.    SOJ51.org/finances

Picking the Best Parts of 2 States

Merging two systems would not involve re-inventing the wheel.  There are many successful rural state Constitutions that can be used as a template.  The idea would be to pick the best current operating system and adapt it to State of Jefferson.  Many of the details will be decided at a State Constitutional Convention with delegates being sent from every county.

The Double XXs Explained

In 1935 the folks of southern Oregon and northern California were fed up with paying taxes and not receiving services or having their voices heard.  They decided to form a new state.  A gold pan was handy, they painted two XXs on it to symbolize being double crossed, and the State of Jefferson was born.

Business Friendly Tax Structure

Things do not change all at once, of course.  Jefferson would have a business friendly tax structure, encouraging businesses to come set up shop.  Jefferson State would utilize the 9th and 10th Amendments, and interpose the State authority between the Federal Government and the counties.  The people get first count of the money, and they get a job.  The county still gets a check, plus increased tax revenue from workers and business.  Taxes won’t go up as taxes will be coming from different sources.  A sales tax would only happen if approved by the voters, and should it come, then income tax would go away.  Previous State pension obligations continue, but a parting of the ways with big state government ways and means begins with a State of Jefferson.  A leaner and downsized government structure will avoid tax rate increases as well as free the private sector for growth to increase tax revenues.  Greater free market wealth means more jobs and less folks dependent on welfare.  More private sector wealth to prorate across lesser government services produces a balanced budget.  Northern California style state deficit spending.  The Oregon model of a yearly balanced budget would be the rule.