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a note from the admin

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Hello, and welcome to the online forum for The State of Jefferson. My name is Lee, and I am the acting administrator for this forum, as well as the acting webmaster for https://sojxx.org. I knowingly and willingly volunteered to act in both capacities recently. The idea of "Personal Liberty" is a concept I hold in very high esteem. I recently came to the realization that "Liberty" and "The State of Jefferson" walk hand in hand. When I realized this fact a few months ago, I could not get from Colorado to my new home In Klamath County fast enough, and I immediately abandoned my job, said goodbye to my friends, and ran merrily towards The State of Jefferson and ipso facto, towards Liberty. "Personal Liberty" seems to become more important as I get older. I created this forum in the image of "Liberty", or if you prefer, in the image of "The State of Jefferson". They both mean the same thing to me.

If I could sum up the rules of this forum in one word, it would be the word "Liberty". Please respect the liberties of others, and know that others will respect your liberties as well. My job on this forum is to insure that above all, Liberty is the rule we all live by. Neither pick your neighbors pocket, nor break his leg; Leg-breaking, pocket-picking behavior will be removed from this forum.

If anyone should encounter any technical issue with this forum please feel free to contact me directly. admin@sojxx.org

Please enjoy using the forum!


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